Barrio Bandits LLC

We are a Limited Liability company formed under Section 203 of the Limited Liability Company Law of the State of New York. The Barrio Bandits LLC is managed by Andre’ Maurice Graham Jr which existence has been filed with the Articles of Organization and the Department Of State.

Here at the Barrio Bandits LLC, we maintain a network of music industry contacts, including journalists and editors of music magazines, and music websites. We specialize in promoting clients work for the best timing, releasing a new single or album. We follow up with initial publicity activities by phone, email or face-to-face meetings.

Barrio Bandits LLC also helps with mentoring young juveniles recently released from detention centers by showing them there is hope with planning the right career choices in life. The CEO of Barrio Bandits LLC is a 4 time felon who has worked closely with supporting agencies, some private and has established a relationship which includes payroll.

Barrio Bandits LLC helps with Food and Nutrition tips on a healthy living to prevent health problems which may arise in the future because of bad eating habits. We work very closely and converse with many certified Nutritionist who help patients throughout out the day, to help mantain a good nutritional status.

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