?Fwz? previews GRIME Music

Today’s session inspired by oversees genre music grime. Grime music emerged in London in the early 2000s.

“Come in the back end,
Car seat,
N*ggas is strapped in,
Ready for anything happening,

Taking ah wiff,
Hitter get hit,
Wit the mackin,
Plugged in the trunk,

Stacking for months,
too many blunts,
Jacking, packing, scrapping
On the tracks,
make magic,

Know they checking out,
My tactics,
(Where he live)
Google, Map it,
When it come,
to living lavish,
That’s why,
I gotta have it,
Don’t make,
Media blast it,


Andre Graham Jr. 100/100

It’s ties tied with UK pirate radio stations such as Rinse FM, Deja Vu, Major FM, Delight FM, Freeze 92.7 and Mission. It was through pirate radio that artists could first present themselves and build an audience.

Since fans are already in tuned with Fwz again after the latest release #Smokin which streamed 2k+ its 1st week on #AppleMusic, this unreleased track maybe a follow up towards what’s next to drop??‍♂️. Don’t let that be a downside✋?????‍♀️ leave a comment below and let us know what you think??

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