💃🏻💃🏻Groove with It💃🏻

"Groove With It" by Fwz

As we begin to kick off the New Year, Fwz is finally starting to get things lit. With a new branding strategy, not only is he about to explode, but he’s keeping things lit for the ladies.

Fwz brings out a storyline of meeting a woman hoping to gain her attention because he likes the way she grooves with it. Bringing sounds from the early 2000’s “Groove with it” is referenced by T-Pain’s “Im Sprung”, & “Bartender”. As well as a LL cool J’s catchy and seductive lyrics referenced by “Lounging”, “Hey Lover”, & “Hush”.

Fwz was asked by record exec Jay Wash “Would you give this to Dj Funk Flex an expect him to spin this record?” Fwz denied but mentioned he’d give it to Dj Camelo to attract his listeners. Others seem to agree with Fwz because the point made was that, a lot of artist now in days don’t seem to make enough music for the women. Especially music most can relate to, and understand.

Would you give this to Dj Funk Flex an expect him to spin this record?

Jay Wash (Sony RCA)

With a bit of help and guidance from Jay Wash, another relationship was established with Eric Evander from 1Eghty?. Without a doubt they all know Fwz has what it takes to break thru as a major artist, with the right production this bomb would blow in no time⏰. For now I’m guessing we all are just gonna have to “Groove With It”.

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